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Helping Wajax attract top talent.

Digital Design, UX/UI


Wajax is a leading Canadian distributor of industrial equipment and power systems. They wanted to redesign their "Why Join Us" page on their Indeed profile to attract more qualified candidates and improve their overall recruitment process.

Our task was to create a page that effectively communicated Wajax's unique selling points and values to potential candidates. The main challenge for our team was to ensure that the page aligned with Wajax's existing branding and could be easily updated with different content combinations.

To address these challenges, we created a flexible page design that allowed for easy editing and updating of content. The design included several components that could be used in different combinations to showcase Wajax's values, culture, and benefits to potential candidates.

With this solution, we were able to help Wajax attract top talent and improve their recruitment process.

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Staying on brand

Maintaining brand consistency is crucial for any business, as it helps establish trust and recognition with customers and potential employees. As a leading distributor of industrial equipment and power systems, Wajax has a well-established brand identity that is recognizable to their target audience.

For this project, we had to ensure that the new "Why Join Us" page aligned with Wajax's existing brand identity to maintain consistency and recognition. We analyzed Wajax's existing brand guidelines, including their color scheme, typography, and overall design language, to ensure that our design choices were in line with their brand.

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Flexible and modular approach

One of our main goals was to create a design that could be easily updated and modified in-house by the client to meet their specific needs. To address this challenge, we used a component-based approach in the design, which allowed us to create individual building blocks or components that could be edited and combined to create different layouts for the page. These components included sections for showcasing the company's culture, values, benefits, and more.

By using a component-based approach, we were able to create a flexible and modular design that could be easily updated and modified by the client in-house, without the need for extensive technical expertise. This gave Wajax the freedom to make changes to the page based on their specific needs, such as updating the content or highlighting different aspects of the company culture.