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Video & Animation

Visual Stories that Engage and Inspire

Tell your story in motion with our video and animation services. We're known for creating captivating music videos, among other things. Whether it's an explainer video, a product demo, an animated logo, or a music video, we create visually stunning and impactful content that leaves a lasting impression.

Video and Animation illustration

Music Videos

Using our video skills we create full-length music videos for artists.


Video adverts are a lot more engaging to customers than static adverts. We create beautiful adverts to show off your product.

Explainer Videos

Helping your users to better understand how to use your product.

Company Videos

Want to show off your company to potential employees and the world? We help you portray and give a sense of who you really are.

Motion Graphics

We animate visually engaging motion graphics.

Live Streaming

We can help capture your live event and stream it to the masses.


Any video starts off with the initial idea, what we are trying to achieve by doing this and what we are going to do to achieve it. A solid idea is the foundation of any great video content.


We meticulously plan out the project before we start so we know exactly what the end result should be.


When we have a clear plan, if we need to come to your location we organize times that work for all parties to send in a dedicated film team. Product videos will be filmed using our professional equipment in our studio space.


When animating we can work in several different styles inducing 2D and 3D.


Once we have raw video to work with our editors chop it all together to create truly engaging content.


Some projects require more interest than the standard edit. We can perform a range of simple and complex visual effects work to match your project's needs.

Sound Design

Audio is often just as important as visuals for a video, taking this into account we make sure the audio on all video is clear, crisp, and perfectly mixed.