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Enter the world of SickBoi: an interactive experience

Interactive Experience


We recently had the opportunity to work with Ren, a talented musician with a unique "Sick Boi" persona.

The challenge was to create an engaging and interactive website that would capture the essence of Ren's persona and showcase his music in a way that would resonate with his fans.

Our solution was to design and build an immersive and interactive website that would take users on a journey into the world of Sick Boi, featuring a virtual set filled with props that users can interact with  to reveal different content.

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Setting the scene

To fully capture the essence of Ren's Sick Boi persona, we knew we needed to create an immersive virtual set that would transport users into his world.

The virtual set was designed to resemble a cluttered and eccentric room, filled with various props and objects that users could interact with to reveal different content.

We used 3D elements to build the set, before compositing everything together for web and bringing it to life with a series of animations and interactions.

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An easy to navigate experience

We wanted to ensure that users had a smooth and intuitive experience when exploring Ren's virtual set. To accomplish this, we included an instructions screen at the beginning of the experience that provided a brief overview of how to navigate the virtual set.

This simple addition helped users understand how to interact with the various props and objects in the room, making the experience more enjoyable and less frustrating.