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How a website can help a business

If done correctly a website can be a great investment for any business and solve many problems that they may have as well as allowing for growth.
Louis Mardlin

November 12, 2020




Let’s first start by defining what a business is and what they do. A business provides a product or service to its customers, this can exist in many forms but at its core, a business provides something of value that people want. Secondly, a business needs customers, regardless of if the business is B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customer) a business has customers to which it provides its value (goods and services). Without customers, there is no business. 

A business exists for the sole purpose of making money. In fact, they need to make money. When a business is formed the founder takes a risk to provide a product or service that they see a need for in the market and they deserve a profit for having taken that risk. A business also needs money to pay its staff, rent its premises,  to manufacture or maintain its product and or asset. They need to make a profit to operate to stay or get in front or to survive at all.

In summary, a business needs to focus on making money or it won’t be in business and so their first focus should be on how to make that profit.

A business needs 2 things in order to make a profit. The first of which is value, something people want, this is the product or service they are providing. The second thing a business needs to be successful is marketing, a way to reach the people who want the product or service. Providing value and having the product or service is useless unless the people who it’s valuable to know it exists.

This is where a website comes into use. A business knows how to create value. They know how to produce their products or carry out their services. They have the thing people want. The thing businesses often don’t know how to do is marketing. How to reach their potential clients, prove they are the right choice, build trust, authority, and relationships, and get them to take action. They also often don’t know how to manage new leads or have a system for converting those leads to sales.

The main issue being businesses struggle to connect their value with the people who want it. A website can add value by connecting the business to their ideal target market.

This happens in many ways. Through appropriate utilization of a website, a business will be able to:

  • Attract new customers.
  • Show the value of their product or service.
  • Build trust.
  • Show good reason to buy.
  • Remove doubt and/or risk.
  • Make it easier for customers to take action.
  • Make the sales process easier and more effective.

To summarise why a good website can be a good investment for your business let’s go back over the key takeaways.

  1. A business’s main objective is to make a profit.
  2. A website helps create sales leading to more profit.
  3. A good website is about results, not necessarily how it looks or how complex it is to produce but the measurable impact and results it produces.
  4. The main focus of the website should be the business.