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Email Marketing in 2020: Is it dead?

For years now email marketing might not have seemed like the most glamorous approach but it is one that consistently delivers better results than its competitors. Email marketing consistently delivers a better return on investment than the likes of social media or influencer marketing. With cookies being slowly phrased out using an email address as a unique identifier is making email marketing only more significant.
Louis Mardlin

November 17, 2020




Who uses email anymore?

Email as a platform is forever growing and still hasn’t peaked. In the US 80% of the population use email at least once a month. It is predicted that by 2024 277.7 million people in the US will use email, that’s 81.2% of the population. During the current pandemic, there is evidence that email usage actually grew. But it’s not just the US effected, Radicati Group projected that the number of global email users will rise from 4.04 billion this year to 4.48 billion in 2024.

How is email being used?

No longer are all marketers using email in the same way. Marketers use email to form a deeper connection with their customers which is used to increase eCommerce sales, push conversions, attract new customers, and reactivate ones that haven’t been active in a while 

Email in the future

Marketers will move away from standard emails the same for everyone and closer to true personalization, avoiding more and more mass email blasts which in the past were commonplace. Email addresses will increase in importance as a unique identifier allowing targeted advertising across different channels. A  greater ROI from email marketing means that more marketing will start with email.