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Does every business need a website?

Louis Mardlin

October 5, 2020




Is now really the right time to get online? With many companies feeling the pressure under the current circumstances, it might now be one of the last things on your mind, but should be really be considering investing in a website today?

Maybe you run a physical business that operates in your local community, you're not looking to become a global conglomerate. Even so, having an online presence is more important than ever before! 

Don't wait until it's too late

Many small businesses felt the strain having to close when lockdown first hit the UK, now with 'Lockdown 2.0' looking more and more likely, you shouldn't wait until it's too late! 


In the event of a second lockdown, what is the first thing your customers will do is search you on Google and visit your website to get updates on how restricted your services are; are you still open? Can you book? Can they order online and get your product delivered? Are you even still in business? 

If you can't provide your customers with the information they are looking for quickly and easily they won't think twice about giving up their search and never coming back. You only get one chance to make a good impression.

That being said, having a bad website can be even more damaging than not having one at all. Maybe it's hard to use and doesn't work properly, your customers can't find the information they are looking for easily so they leave with a bad taste in their mouths.

A new investment!

Another great reason to have a website especially now is that a website is always open! Think of your website as a physical shop, with cheaper rent, easily located for customers all over the world, you don't need to hire any staff to run it and it's ALWAYS open!

Sound like a good idea yet? apart from meeting your current customer's expectations and making their experience more enjoyable, a carefully crafted website, paired up with a good SEO strategy, is a great investment in your business!