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3 Steps to building brand chemistry

Louis Mardlin

November 23, 2020




At the point where authenticity, visibility, and consistency cross is where brand chemistry lies. This brand chemistry is key to creating meaningful relationships with the right clients.

Creating your brand chemistry allows you to build an authentic human brand that stands out from the crowd, is memorable, and creates trust between you and your audience.


Being authentic allows you to build a brand that deeply aligns with you. It creates a brand that is effortless and an energy that will bring the right clients to you. 

An authentic brand is authentic through its voice & style, personality, vulnerability, the stories it shares, its uniqueness, and position in the marketplace.

Authentic brands don’t follow the norm instead they challenge it and make their own unique path.


Your brand’s visibility means getting in front of your target audience by creating content that is valuable to them,. This could mean any number of things including, Blogging, social media, speaking, events, podcasts, and more. You by no means have to do them all, find something that works for you and your business specifically and make a start.

What you put out might not be perfect, there will no doubt be typos, posts you think could have looked better but it’s better than not being there at all. You could have the strongest brand in the world but it’s irrelevant if nobody is there to see it! 

If people don’t know you exist they won’t think of you when they need your services.


Lack of consistency is the most common place where small and big businesses alike go wrong. And it’s easy to fix!

When the content you are putting out varies across different platforms (your website, social media, blogs, etc) your message becomes diluted and the strength of your brand is weakened. Your clients are left confused as you are not saying the same thing across platforms. Ask yourself, are clients able to recognize my brand wherever they find me? Is the personality of the brand coherent in the messaging, and is the visual brand (logos, colours, typefaces, and photography)  consistent? 

A strong brand is formed when authenticity, visibility and consistency meet to create brand chemistry, this is your unique recipe for success