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Ren 'Everybody Drops'

"This song deals with one of the hardest time periods in my life battling with Lyme disease. Even though it's very personal I hope anyone going through any kind of struggle can find solace and comfort in it" - Ren. It was our initial idea to contrast the literal sense of the situation with being stuck to a hospital bed unable to do anything and the world coming down around you with a metaphorical journey focusing on being ‘on the run’

What we did
Art Direction, Storyboarding, Narrative, Animation, Illustration, 3D
XVII Music Group
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The Metaphor

The intro and chorus would use low-motion (not too distracting) animations of the character driving through a desert. This would build a sense of loneliness and lost. It would also make for some really interesting visuals using the orange sun tones and glows with the car kicking up dust as it drives through an empty land.

The Reality

Using an alternative colour scheme this would be contrasted against these depressing situations, the mundane situations, not being able to do anything and feeling weak, again with low motion.


As the track progresses we wanted to give the idea of the visual narrative getting darker or falling apart. For the desert scenes, we'd show the character driving around in the car trying to 'reach a destination' while he becomes ever increasingly more lost before reaching the litteral 'edge'. For the reality scenes we could have the world literally deteriorating with walls falling down and the rooms slowly looking more and more abandoned, throughout the visuals we wanted to escalate the severity of the illness through different locations.

Character Design

To start the creative process of styling after we had decided upon the narrative we worked through several rounds of character design to decide on the overall styling of the video


These initial designs were then narrowed down into the to come up the finalized design.

Character poses

Using 2D cards for the character inside the 3D environments meant that we manually illustrated all the poses adding subtle animations that could be placed within the scene

3D environments

Working in 3D for the settings meant not only that we could get stunning lighting effects but also meant that we could easily line up shots using the 3D camera in the environment to adjust each shot to perfection without having the start from scratch each time

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Car Model

The car model is heavily based on the 1967 Chevrolet Impala. In red the car fits well within the environment and theme while having enough contrast to still be the main focal point. In-keeping with the low-poly art style we modeled the car inside and out allowing it to sit naturally in the environment without looking low-quality. Modeling the inside of the car allowed to get interior shots of the displays (adapted from the original base car) which would be used to display lyric references and a visualizer which really sells the idea of the video being part of the track.

Still Frames

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