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Ren 'Diazepam'

The song 'Diazepam' draws attention to the journey anti-depressants and anti-anxiety can take the user on, drawing attention to the often negative side effects. When planning for the video we discussed the idea of the video being representative of that journey following the user's metaphorical 'train of thought'.

What we did
Art Direction, Production, Animation, Illustration, Character Design
XVII Music Group
Year published

Planning it out

During this phase we worked through story boarding the scenes to be animated in the video taking into consideration the camera and animation movements to create a powerful composition. We also focused on telling the story of the journey and what Ren wanted to portray from the video keeping it in theme with the song itself.

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Character design

During the character design process we started with sketches using fine liner hand drawing the character to give a gritty feeling which would continue throughout the video. After everyone was happy with the initial designs we then moved onto vectorize the drawings and created the alternate angles in between main frames

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Animating the concept

After the preparation was completed we then moved onto animating the story boarded frames. We achieved the gritty 'DIY' look by using hand drawn 12 FPS animation from primarily reference video we filmed ourselves. After we had the isolated animations we worked on creating backgrounds from a combination of illustrated outlines and image textures. After we had both the animated sequences and backgrounds it was just a matter of merging the two together, matching colours and shadows do have the animations fit seamlessly into the composition. We added low opacity overlays and bright glows to further emphasis the 'trippy' / 'dream world' effect creating a distinction between the journey with the medication and reality.

Static Frames

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