XVII Music Group

Ren 'Crucify Your Culture'

During the production of this video we worked through first to find an appropriate style. Upon discussion internally, with the artist and his management, we decided on a 'Monty Python' style collage animation. This worked well, fitting with the hard-hitting grittiness of the track. Since this video was going to be a lyric video we opted for the visuals to be a literal depiction of the lyrics to allow the viewer to better follow through the video.

What we did
Art Direction, Production, Animation, Character Design
XVII Music Group
Year published


After we had worked through a set of style frames and decided on the feeling of the video we worked on producing a storyboard to get a range of different shots into the work allowing us to easily play with composition and work out what we wanted to reference in the animated video.

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The collage effect

We created a 'rough'/'DIY' collage effect through the use of cutout photographs of objects and the artist and adjusting the colours. A subtle wobble is added throughout the piece to enhance the DIY stop motion feeling throughout

By animating digitally we we're able to give a new lease of life to the traditional collage style layering elements on top of one another with photographs and video and creating animation that would not be possible when doing traditional stop-motion animation.

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Static Frames

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