IHSAS Foundation Pakistan

IHSAS Foundation - Identity

IHSAS FOUNDATION PAKISTAN is a Non-profit organization working for education, health, food, and shelter for deprived people in all aspects in Pakistan and throughout the world. Our challenge was to help create a memorable brand by creating a clean and memorable logo along with a basic identity system.

What we did
Logo design, Identity Design, Social Media Content
IHSAS Foundation Pakistan
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The Logo

The logo is used to portray an abstract individual rising from poverty symbolical of the work the charity does. In keeping with a minimal theme we used a clean type face along with a limited colour palette including 'Pakistan Green' to really drive home the core focus of the charity.

Social media post templates

We followed the logo design by extending the identity system and providing IHSAS with templates they could use for social media posts.

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Completing the identity

To finish off the identity system we provided social media banners along with usage guidelines for the logo

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