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Burgers, beer, and a brand-new website for a beloved restaurant and bar



We were approached by Herd, a local burger restaurant and bar, to design and develop a website that would serve as an online home for their business. The main goals of the website were to allow customers to keep up to date with the menu and events, provide general information, and improve SEO.

We worked closely with the Herd team to create a website that met their needs and reflected their brand, resulting in a successful online presence for the business.

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Dynamic Content

One of the key benefits of building the Herd website on Webflow was the ability to easily integrate a content management system.

This allows the team at Herd to easily add, remove, and edit menu items and events on their own, without the need for technical expertise.

The content management system is user-friendly and intuitive, enabling the Herd team to make updates quickly and efficiently. Additionally, any changes made fit seamlessly into the existing design of the website without having to delve into the backend or navigate complex CMS tools.

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Responsive and interactive!

It was important for the Herd website to be fully responsive in order to provide the best possible user experience for visitors on any device. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, it's common for people to access the internet on a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. A fully responsive website ensures that the layout and design adapts seamlessly to the specific device being used, providing a consistent and optimized experience for users no matter how they access the site. This is particularly important for businesses like Herd, as it allows customers to easily access information about the menu, events, and other offerings no matter where they are or what device they are using.

In order to make the Herd website memorable and engaging for visitors, we incorporated a range of micro-interactions and animations throughout the design. These small, interactive elements added a layer of delight and polish to the user experience, encouraging visitors to explore the site and discover new content. These micro-interactions and animations helped to make the website more dynamic and engaging, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.