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Go Bare is a newly established charity with the core mission to provide shoes to children in third world countries particularly Uganda. Being a new charity they were looking to increase awareness through creating an online presence. The main objective when designing and developing their website was to quickly display the priority information about them and give easy access to allow the users to make donations.

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The design phase

Before beginning the site design and build we created a site map to work out what information would be displayed on each page, how many pages we would need, what would link to where and what the most intuitive way was for the UX to work.

We then went onto use the site map to design wire frames of the main pages of the site to gain a sense of hierarchy and what the general layout would be.

After working through discovery meetings and deciding the general tone of the design which was 'cool, clean & modern'  portraying a 'positive vibe' we then worked through several stages of design to find the option that worked best and the Go Bare team approved of.

Wire frames

Initial homepage designs

Finalized home & about designs
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The website

We used the flat designs that the client had approved to develop the website using the latest technology keeping inline with the design and extending the modern design to UI elements creating interactive CTAs, custom interactions and transitions to create an interactive and intuitive experience.

With a large amount of modern web traffic being from mobile devices it is important that all websites translate seamlessly to tablet and mobile, we achieved the same branding and interaction of the site making it look just as great across all devices.

To keep brand consistency we also customized the desktop scroll bar using the Go Bare colours and added 'Go Bare Orange' to the mobile tab for android devices.

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We completed the project to above the clients expectations before setting up hosting from them and providing training to use the client editor so the Go Bare team is able to add and remove content from the site without the need to hire a developer.

You can find the completed live site here to check it out for yourself!

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