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UX & UI Design

Creating a seamless online experience

Through a thoughtful combination of UX & UI we are able to craft a beautiful and functional website that makes users want to take action.

UX & UI Design

Creating a seamless online experience

Through a thoughtful combination of UX & UI we are able to craft a beautiful and functional website that makes users want to take action.

User Experience (UX)

A brilliant website isn’t just design and development, it solves a problem. To solve a problem we first have to define the problem and create a solid plan in order to solve it.


Why are we doing this in the first place? What do we hope to achieve? How will the success of this be measurable? These are all questions we discuss in order to try to establish what we are trying to achieve and allow us to work out the best way to get there.

UX Research

We do research to uncover who your end-user is and what they want and need through the use of insights & analytics.
We also take a deep dive into competitors and UX tactics they employ to better influence your design.


Larger websites if not thought through correctly can often feel cluttered and difficult to navigate. This is why we first start looking at information architecture in the form of a sitemap carefully planning out what content needs to be displayed and where.

User Journeys

How the user navigates through your site is an important part of user retention. We look at different types of users' journeys through the site and using prototypes carefully plan out and streamline them making the customer journey as simple and straightforward as can be.

Content Maps

When designing any page on your site we first start out with content maps. These are used to distinguish a content hierarchy and the value that it provides to the user.


Following content maps we then create wireframes for individual pages on the site taking into account the general layout and structure of the page as well as beginning to think (in the most basic form) about how the content will be presented visually

UI (User Interface) & Design

Your website is often the first interaction people have with your company. The design needs to be as beautiful, functional and recognizable as can be.

Creative Workshops

We will run several creative workshops with you for each of the integral parts and pages of your site. In these workshops we look to take a collaborative approach showing you several directions and allowing for an open discussion about the best approach for your specific needs.


We translate your brand guidelines to a web style guide to dictate how your brand will look on the website and ensure consistency. The styleguide will dictate things like typography, colours, and icons.

Design System

To ensure structure and consistency we work using a design system. Using a component-based design system allows for easy scalability in the future as well as faster consistent design across pages and shortened development time.


When taking on any website project we create full working prototypes to allow you to fully explore working user flows before we go to development. Working prototypes also allow us to take into consideration all interactions and transitions on each page.


Quality copywriting across your website is essential for a good user experience as well as expressing your brand voice.


Website copy should work hand-in-hand with UX design. The copy on your website should be clear and easy to understand as well as feeling connected to your product.


We write with purpose. It’s unlikely most of your customers will be willing to read large quantities of copy, that’s why it's important what you do write is clear and to the point to maintain user retention.

Brand Voice

It’s not what you say, it's the way you say it. Your message can be crafted in a number of ways but the way you choose to communicate it allows you to express who you are as a brand.