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Articulating what makes your brand different

A strong brand is essential for a business in order to establish identity, build customer loyalty, and differentiate from competitors.


Articulating what makes your brand different

A strong brand is essential for a business in order to establish identity, build customer loyalty, and differentiate from competitors.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is used to define who your brand is. How it acts, how it communicates, and who its audience is. Brand strategy is used to ensure that all brand touchpoints, including products, services, and customer experiences, are aligned with the brand's overall goals and identity.


To begin understanding who your brand is we first have to do some research. This consists of asking lots of questions. We do this by conducting workshops between our team and yours, getting to know as much about your business and your customers as we possibly can.

User Research

We try to understand who your customers are as best we can. Starting with who they are and a broad demographic research before narrowing down into fully fledged user profiles.

Competitor Research

We conduct research into your competitors, to make sure you have the best chance at success we need to understand what you are up against. What your competitors are doing and aren't doing gives us a great opportunity to understand how you can get an edge on them.

Brand Persona

Your brand persona is the personification of your company, its goals and how it want’s to present itself to its audience.

Brand Values

Your brand values are a set of guiding principles that should inform every aspect of what your brand does, and how it acts.

Brand Messaging/Voice

Your brand voice is the way you talk to your customers and should feel true to your brand values and persona.

Brand Identity

A brand visual identity is the overall look and feel of a brand, including its logo, color scheme, typography, and other visual elements. It is an important aspect of a brand's overall identity, as it helps to establish the brand's image and personality and create a consistent look and feel across all brand touchpoints.


We start by discovering what your competition is doing visually, other brand identities you like that would be fitting for your brand, and current design trends to identify a general style we can pursue as a ‘kick-off’ point.


We explore several initial directions for your brand through the use of ‘style scapes’, similar to mood boards these offer existing designs from other brands, but also start introducing type and colour to help determine the general aesthetic you want to portray moving forward with your identity design.

Art Direction

Once we have narrowed down the choices to make this is where we start working on your brand, introducing design in fitting with your company so you can really get an idea what that direction will look like on your brand. This is the stage where we work through the finite details of your identity system as well as the logo itself.

Brand Style Guide

Once we have finalized the look and feel of the identity system we package up all your files for you and provide a document with clear guidelines how the identity system is to be used in order to ensure your brand identity is represented consistently across everything you do.

Brand Identity System

From start to finish we work to fully work out brand's visual identity system all the way through from logo design to brand assets and collateral.

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Brand book

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With our meticulous knowledge of your new brand we can create all on-going brand assets and content you may need for your company going forward. Want to find out more about our digital design services?