August 10, 2021

The rise of video conferencing: Who's on-top?

During the pandemic many have taken to video conferencing apps not only for work but also to interact with their friends and family. FaceTime is still the most popular in the US according to Business insider Intelligence being favored only slightly above Facebook messenger. Despite the growing popularity of Zoom and its enormous popularity growth over the past few months it still only comes in at number three.

Facebook hoped to take the lead with the introduction of Facebook Messenger Rooms allowing up to 50 users to join the same call and unlike Zoom there is no time limit on calls. This could possibly push many users currently on Zoom to Facebook Messenger allowing Facebook to take the lead from Facetime.

Many users have privacy concerns when using Zoom calls over the allegations of privacy mishandling so some people may feel more comfortable using WhatsApp. The Facebook owned company has recently upped the number of people able to join a video call to eight and with their end-to-end encryption this could possibly be the most secure option for users. 

Do you prefer on video conferencing service over another or do you switch for different things?